Conference on the Science and Economics of Climate Change


Objectives:    To promote discussion of current topics relating to Climate Change and advance understanding and
 implications of those issues.

 Venue:          Howard Theatre, Downing College, Cambridge, UK

 Date:            10th May 2011


09.25    Alan Howard opens the Conference

09.30    Philip Jones: The Measurement of Global Temperature

10.00    Andrew Watson: Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Climate 

10.30    Discussion: Led by Alan Howard

11.00    Coffee Break

11.30    Michael Lockwood: Cold winters in Europe could continue

12.00    Henrik Svensmark: Solar activity and Climate Change

12.30    Discussion; Led by Hans-F Graf

13.00    Lunch Break

14.00    Nils-Axel Morner: Are Sea Levels  rising ?

14.30    Ian Plimer: Global Warming: The Missing Science

15.00    John Mitchell: Anthropogenic Climate Change

15.30    Discussion: Led by Eric Wolff                                  

16.00    Tea Break

16.30    Vaclav Klau : The Economics of Climate Change Policies: Global Warming is not Science

17.00    Nigel Lawson: A Cool Look at Global Warming

17.30    Discussion: Led by Michael Grubb

                     18.00 - 19.00 Champagne Reception

 Audience: Scientists, Economists, Academics, Opinion Formers

 Sponsored by the Howard Foundation


Professor Philip Jones, University of East Anglia, is the Director of the Climate Research Unit and specialises in the measurement of surface global temperature.

Professor Andrew Watson, FRS, University of East Anglia, is at the School of Environmental Science and specialises on the atmospheric and oceanic control of carbon dioxide.

Professor John Mitchell, FRS, The Met Office, has 30 years experience of research on climate change, and was chief scientist at the Met Office. He is currently an advisor to the Chief Scientist on climate change.

Professor Michael Lockwood, FRS, University of Reading, is at the Department of Meteorology and has published recently on the influence of the sun’s activity on local climate with special reference to European cold winters.

Professor Henrik Svensmark, The Danish National Space Centre, is head of the Centre for Sun-Climate research and has popularised a theory that linked galactic cosmic rays with Climate Change. His research suggests a larger impact of solar activity on climate than commonly assumed.

Professor Nils-Axel Morner,University of Stockholm, formerly head of the Department of Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics, a global sea-level specialist ,has  taken issue with the IPCC’s claim that sea levels are rising.

Professor Ian Plimer, University of Adelaide, of the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is Australia’s best known geologist and in his bestselling book “Heaven & Earth. Global warming: the missing Science” claims that the hypothesis that humans can change the climate is unsupported by the evidence.

Dr Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, is an economist, formerly Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and has published “ Blue Planet in Green Shackles”, critical of the anthropogenic causes of global warming.

Lord Nigel Lawson was Chancellor of the Exchequer in Margaret Thatcher’s government and is Chairman of The Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think-tank dealing with policy  issues associated with global warming, and has published a book “An Appeal to reason: a cool look at Global Warming”


Professors Alan Howard, Hans-F Graf, Eric Wolff and Michael Grubb are senior members of the University of Cambridge


The Howard Theatre (see, Downing College, Cambridge, opened by Sir Trevor Nunn in March 2010, was built by a donation from the Howard Foundation.

Architects Quinlan & Francis Terry, together with Theatre Projects Ltd, designed a state of the art theatre/conference centre based on the Georgian Theatre at Bury St Edmunds designed by William Wilkins(1778-1839), the original architect of the neo classical Downing College. It is eco-friendly and derives it’s heating and cooling by ground source technology.

Videos taken at the conference are available to view here:

There are also some great cartoons from josh at here